Pain relief from Sports injuries

Sports injuries can vary from sprains and strains, to pulled muscles and torn ligaments and the type of pain relief required will depend on the extent of the injury and where it is on the body. Whether it’s treated at a hospital, or by a sports therapist, pain relief is a big part of recovering from a sports injury.

For milder injuries, such as sprains and strains, it is possible to treat the injury yourself at home, and administer pain relief yourself. This can be through protecting the area with a support bandage, resting up, using ice packs on the area, wearing compression bandages and also elevating the injured limb whenever possible.


What medication can I take for pain relief?

 In terms of medicinal pain relief, over the counter medicines such as paracetamol and ibuprofen can be tried first, or specific pain relief cream for the area which has been affected.

However, sometimes over the counter painkillers won’t do the trick as they are not strong enough, in which case a medical practitioner might prescribe Co-codamol which is a mixture of paracetamol and codeine.

It is commonly used to treat pain and aches after other milder painkillers have proven to be ineffective. The strongest Co-codamol tablets are only available on prescription and you must follow the advice from your doctor.

There can be side effects including feeling sick, feeling drowsy and being constipated. If you are still in pain, never increase or double the dose because taking too much can be harmful and there is also a risk of addiction.

Is Co-codamol suitable for anyone to take?

 There are some health conditions which would make Co-codamol unsuitable for you to take so always tell your doctor about any other conditions you have and any other medication you are taking for anything else.

You should not use Co-codamol if you are under 12 years old, you have breathing problems or a lung condition, you have a head injury, you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you drink alcohol to excess, you experience fits – there are other health conditions which also make Co-codamol unsuitable so always seek medical advice before using it.


Are there non-medication options?

 Other ways to help reduce pain following a sports injury include immobilising the area completely, for example, using splints, slings or casts to prevent further movement of injured arms, shoulders or legs. This can help reduce the risk of further injury and reduce pain.

Depending on the type of injury you have experienced, it may be necessary to seek physiotherapy for the area, once the injury has healed, so that the body can fully recover and regain strength, preventing pain and further injury in the future.

Physiotherapy can involve massage, exercises and manipulation to help increase the motion range and strengthen muscles in the injured part of the body. A programme would need to be created by a qualified physiotherapist. Ensure they also have a DBS check from  a website like


What if I experience a really serious sports injury?

If you have persistent problems with a joint due to sports injury, then it may be that you will need to have corticosteroid injections to try to relieve the pain – this is normally used for severe and long-term inflammation.

Severe sports injuries, such as broken bones, might require surgery to repair, in which case your recovery will almost certainly be accompanied by prescription pain relief such as Co-codamol. Or you might need repair on a torn knee ligament – these types of serious sports injuries will need to be treated in hospital and the consultant will give you the most suitable pain relief for your recovery.

Whether you experience a mild sprain and need to take an over-the-counter medication, or have a more serious injury needing prescription pain relief and physiotherapy, all levels of sports injuries can be treated with the most appropriate pain killer.

If you require corrective surgery for a broken limb or torn ligament, your pain relief requirements might be even higher, in which case your consultant will develop the most appropriate prescription for you.

It is really important to tell the doctor or person treating your injury, about any other health conditions you have and about any other medication you are taking, including over the counter and supplements. This is because these items might interact negatively with the prescription pain relief you are being offered, causing harmful side effects or changing the way your medication actually works.

The facts to know about chiropodist in London

Importance of food

Food is one of the most important organs of a human body, and you should take proper care of it, because of the fact that it takes all your body weight on itself. In case your foot starts malfunctioning, you might face a number of troubles in your everyday life, and in such circumstances, you might not be able to work which is the worst circumstance related to foot problems. But once you face any kind of problems with your foot, you should call a chiropodist, who specializes in foot or any problems with the leg. If you are from London, there are a number of chiropodist in London, as well as the UK.

Foot nutrition

If you want to take care of your foot, there are a number of tasks, which you can do. Namely, visit They are unmatched on quality organic food products! Check them out now. Really going for morning work every single day is not going to help you, as that is going to create more pressure on your foot. But that doesn’t mean that you will stop going for morning work from tomorrow. You should definitely go for morning walk and jogging, but you should also add enough nutrients to your body, such that it is also absorbed by your foot. You should consume a lot of protein, such that your body can get adequate energy, a part of which can also be provided to your foot.

Being overweight

If you are overweight, that is really going to make a lot of issues with your foot, as your body rests on your food, and in case you are overweight, it is your foot that takes the extra pressure. Thus, always try to keep your weight normal, such that you do not face problems with your foot as well as your health. Though overweight place will not create immediate problems with your foot, but if you are overweight for a long period of time, you will start having issues with your foot from a very young age, maybe at the age of 40 or 50.

Importance of chiropodist

Whatever may be the issue, if you are suffering from problems with your foot, you should definitely consult a chiropodist, instead of consulting a general physician. In most of the cases a particular chiropodist is not available regularly, and in such circumstances, you should visit a different chiropodist. But in case you find that at a particular day, there is no chiropodist available at your locality, you should consult a physician, and a chiropodist after that.

Finding one chiropodist

If you are looking for chiropodist in London, you can consult your friends and family members, who are having foot problems and are in touch with a particular chiropodist. In case you find any of the family members in touch with any chiropodist, you should go to the Internet, as Internet is the place, where you can search for various kind of doctors on numerous portals. Choose a particular portal and start searching for chiropodists, by providing your location, which is London for your case. You should also provide additional criteria, and that will help you to get the best chiropodist at your locality.

Do over-the-counter weight loss pills work?

Some people want to lose weight so much, that they just cannot resist using any means necessary to reach that goal. Weight loss pills are one of those means, and if these people are assured that an over-the-counter product does the trick, they go for it, without even questioning if it actually does the job, or if the only thing it lightens is your wallet.

Set realistic expectations

It is important to note that losing weight does not happen over night, and any product that promises that is just lying. An important thing to note is that there is no magic bullet for this, and the best way to accomplish it is by implementing some lifestyle changes: eating low-calorie healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables, and of course being physical active as much as you can.

The weight loss pills are just a tool that could help you in your weight loss journey, and that is how they ought to be viewed. However, not many of them are thoroughly researched, apart from the prescribed ones. These pills can indeed help with the weight loss, but only if the necessary lifestyle changes are implemented. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the prescription pills might help out, but they are in no way a magic potion to remove all the fat from your body.

There are two types of over-the-counter weight loss pills (see Diet Pill Resource guide) – the nonprescription drugs, and the dietary supplements. People need to know that the regulations for these two are very different. When it comes to a non-prescription drug, the results of a human trial must be shown to the FDA, and that trial must show that the drug is effective and safe. When it comes to the food supplements, the producers must ensure the safety of it and provide claims of the supplement’s benefits. However, thee claims are in no way subject to the FDA, meaning that they claims don’t necessarily have to be truthful. However, it should be noted that the FDA can ban a substance if they prove it is harmful.

Because of the vague regulation (mostly for the food supplements), it is extremely important for people to know that they must do their research before buying an over-the-counter weight loss pills of any kind. As we have already seen, some of them do not have to be approved by the FDA, and as we know, some of them make wild claims, like helping you lose weight in just one week. It is always best to consult a professional about this, and you can even do your own research by visiting the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicines website, where you have the general information on a large number of dietary supplements.

Consult your doctor

Before you start your weight loss program, you really ought to consult your doctor, and especially if you’re considering taking some weight loss pills. This especially goes for all the people out that having health issues, or women that are pregnant or still breast-feeding. The doctor can give you advice, offer support, and most importantly, monitor and guide you through the weight loss process.

If you are a smoker, it could cause health problems, especially if you are trying to lose weight as tar gets into your lungs. This makes exercising hard. Try the alternative E-cigarettes from Tank Puffin.

Why Should You Regularly Visit An Opticians?

Company Overview

The Optic Shop Wales has a fully registered and qualified team of opticians that can provide you with the best professional advice and eye care while using the latest optical technology. The company’s aim is to offer excellent quality of service at the least possible price. It ensures that customers are served with the top level of care and responsibility. It uses the most recent technology in contact lens examination and eye testing and have hired several English and Welsh speaking male and female opticians from whom you can choose the one you want to test you.opticians

Services and Features

The Optic Shop primarily offers four services: eye health examination, one-hour service, total care contact lens scheme, and kids services. You are only allowed an eye examination at intervals advised by your eye care practitioner or if you are experiencing any health issues related to your eyes before you are due or if you have any other eye problems. In Wales, an added specialist service has been arranged in conjunction with the Welsh Assembly Government to offer free eye care for a few selected patients who may be at higher risk of eye disorders, are diagnosed with glaucoma or diabetes, or develop a sudden eye problem.

As the Optic Shop is concerned about its customers’ time, it’s on-site glazing facilities enable the technicians to process orders instantly and individually with a one-hour service offered in various cases. If you need a more complicated correction, the company will order your lenses from its UK-based lens suppliers. It provides the latest advances in digital technology and coatings, providing patients with the best possible quality of vision. With its expert staff and a fully equipped in-shop laboratory, the Optic Shop offers instant advice, fast frame adjustments, cleaning and minor repairs.

Total Care scheme is available for all of the contact lens patients who are members i.e. they are in the direct debit scheme. Members can get a free two-yearly eye examination and contact lens aftercare examination, and up to two free monthly or five pairs of daily disposable contact lenses every year to replace damaged or lost lenses. They can also avail 20% discount on complete spectacles, while 10% discount on non-prescription glasses.

At the Optic Shop, children are not only treated for free but can also choose from a fantastic collection of fun frames including Peppa Pig, No Fear, and Ben 10. For the smarter teenagers, the company has a vast range of stylish frames, such as the lee dobson collection. Children under sixteen can qualify for free examinations that are funded by the NHS and are available at repeated intervals as recommended by the opticians Swansea. The free service is extended to all those who are under nineteen as long as they are studying full-time.


The Optic Shop has five high street outlets in South Wales as well as a few additional franchises that support the high quality service and value for money. Its branches are located in Swansea, Carmarthen, Porthcawl, Bridgend and Cross Hands.

The Guide To Alternative Medicine

Even though till date none has been able to determine why various problems and diseases appear, we can do some things in order to prevent it from happening. However, we will give you an introduction on how a disease like parkinsons works and why it’s so destroying, and how to treat it with alternative medicine.

Introduction to Parkinson
Parkinson is a disease which affects a specific chemical: dopamine. When a person has Parkinson then this person is not able to produce dopamine in normal levels. And we need this chemical for our muscles to work without problems. When a person has a deficiency of dopamine, then this person starts to experience problems with muscles and movements, sometimes even equilibrium. There are some people who even can’t talk due to this disease, because as he have seen it affects muscles very much.

And the worst aspect about Parkinson is that it’s degenerative, it just gets worse over time. And if the person doesn’t receive the correct treatment then the effects of Parkinson will just get worse and worse every time. Doctors usually would medicate you with synthetic dopamine, which at the same time carries some other collateral effects which may be the same or even worse than Parkinson’s. That’s why today we are going to give you a different approach for treating this disease, because we know that you fight back with different and alternative techniques which are in many cases better than traditional medicine. Synthetic dopamine will only given once Parkinson has been diagnosed, and so is unavailable over-the-counter. To receive it, you will need to have paid a certain amount of NIC, and have a National Insurance number. More specifically, a National Insurance card, which you can obtain from here.

Although there’s a sure way to prevent Parkinson, one of the things you can do in order for this to don’t happen to you is to avoid some contact sports. It’s ok to box every now and then but if you want to dedicate yourself to this sport then you are prone to suffering Parkinson in the long run. And the same applies for other sports like MMA and Muay Thai. There’s no strong evidence yet, but according to some studies the repetitive strikes on head may be a strong source for this disease.

Treating: A Different Approach
Finally if you want to treat this disease with alternative medicine, you will have to buy a specific supplement: Mucuna Pruriens. This plan has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries, because they already knew of the existence of Parkinson, but it was labeled under a different name.

Why is Mucuna Pruriens effective? Because it contains an excellent amount of L-dopa, and dopamine is formed from L-dopa. And the best part is that, in comparison to synthetic dopamine, the one you get from Mucuna Pruriens is completely natural and is not known for having bad collateral effects as the ones you would experience with medicated L-dopa.

So if you want to treat Parkinson with an alternative approach, then you should consider buying some Mucuna Pruriens pills. You can buy them online, just make sure they are coming from a high quality source, because you need Mucuna Pruriens of the highest quality if you want to get the best L-dopa.

With this all said, for an elderly person who suffers from this aweful disease, something to consider is to research about carerers who do live in care London. This can be a tough desicion, but sometimes the best way to care for someone is to bring in professional and experienced help.

If you’re interested to know more about alternative medicine techniques, it is worth taking a look at to gain an insight into Chinese medicine and acupuncture.