What are the Best Ideas for Disabled Bathrooms?

One of the supremely difficult thing to do when you are a disabled person is taking a bath. When you are a person with disability, using the bathroom is part of your worrisome daily routine, even to the people who takes care of you. Everytime you use the bathroom, you are faced with the common dilemma on how to use the shower, toilet or bath tub.

A disabled persons have special needs that is fitted to their condition. One of these special needs are special bathrooms designed to aid disabled persons manage their bathroom experience. Disabled bathrooms and similar products are now readily available on the market worldwide to cater the needs of these kind of people who needs extra-special attention at home and even in public places.disabled-bathrooms-cardiff2

How should a disabled bathroom from Trinity Living  be designed?

Well, we have to think through of the safety more than the style in designing disabled bathrooms. Yes, your bathroom may be stylish, but is it suitable for disabled persons who will use it? Other than safety, ease of access and ease of usage is another key to a good bathrooms for the disabled. If you want to have your own bathroom for your disabled family member, you need to achieve safety, quality and style in order to give the best for your loved ones.

Here are the best features of bathrooms perfect for use of people with disabilities:

  • Bathroom door

For ease of wheelchair movement, bathroom doors should be wide. The ideal bathroom door is at least 3.5 feet wide. With this kind of bathroom door, moving in and out of the bathroom would never be stressful anymore. Bathroom door should also be open outwards and not into the bathroom area. In this case, the person comes to a fall near the door, you can still go in and help. Lever door knobs are also ideal for the bathroom door.

  • Non-slip floors

Wet bathroom floors post danger to disabled persons knowing that they are restricted when it comes to movement and balance. Disabled bathroom floors should have non-slip floors to ensure safety. Non-slip floors are also suitable for wheelchair movement.

  • Handrails or grab bars

Handrails or grab bars are really helpful features to be installed in disabled bathrooms. It assists the disabled persons or even aged people to move around without difficulty as they go in and out to use the toilet or the shower area.

  • Toilet bowl

Standard height toilet seats would definitely give a disabled person a hard time transferring from the wheelchair to the toilet and vice versa. The toilet bowl seat must also be at the ideal height for the disabled or handicapped user. A toilet bowl seat that is about 17-inches above the floor level would be user-friendly as it will make the user’s back and knees more relaxed.

  • Accessible sink

The hand wash basin must meet the standard bathroom sink height for the disabled that is a depth maximum of 6.5 inches. A 30 inch- width and a 19- inch depth is also needed for the knee clearance. Ideal faucet handles are lever, touch or motion-sensor type.

  • Shower

Walk-in showers are now readily available in the market. A pressure-balanced lever is also great in order to ensure safety from scalding. Another wise idea is a hand-held showerhead other than the fixed shower head as it will give ease for users with restricted ability to move.





The Truth and Myth About E-cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is damaging to one’s health which is why electronic cigarette is born. E-cigarettes are considered to be the modern alternative of the traditional smoking and they have gained popularity throughout the world. This was first developed in China and has been spread immensely to other countries. Imagine, people of different ages use this nowadays—kids, teens and old ones. However, because of the lack of consumer protection of this product, there has been so many debates whether it is safe or not. To date, there has been so many concern and unanswered queries regarding this. So, to know a little bit more about the electronic cigarettes this article will share to you its TRUTHS and MYTHS.vape

Myth: E-cigarettes are absolutely harmless

Fact: E-cigarettes still contains nicotine and other substances

If you try to scan online how many brands and flavours do this e-cigarettes have, you will be surprised to know thousands of it in the market (personally I would choose Tank Puffin). The question is, how come this product has grown so fast in different varieties and forms? The answer is, the Food and Drug Authority or FDA do not regulate this product. They just allow its release and production that easily.

Although it has not been proven scientifically, some experts claim that e-cigarettes are not 100% harmless. E-Cigarettes have no carcinogenic substances found in their contents but, this does not assure you that it is absolutely safe. There are side-effects of this and some studies show that it has unknown health effects which could lead to diseases and dysfunctions; worse is premature death.

Myth: E-Cigarettes have zero nicotine

Fact: Almost all of this modern-day cigarettes contain nicotine-free

The truth of the matter is that, e-cigarettes contain nicotine but it has various levels. Some brands claim to have nicotine-free products however, you could not be sure about it for there are studies that proved that there are several inconsistencies with it. Remember, whether in minute amount, nicotine is still that addictive substance which could cause harm to people when excessively taken.

Myth: E-cigarettes help all smokers to quit

Fact: This does not follow

Although e-cigarettes are good alternatives for traditional smoking, this does not mean that it would totally help smokers to quit. According to FDA, they have not found any e-cigarette to be that effective in letting the smokers quit. E-cigarettes is just a modern way on how to smoke. It still have the same process but few distinctions. Plus, experts say that the proper way to quit smoking is to seek the advice of health experts and use the seven medications proven to help them quit.

Myth: E-cigarettes are not sold to kids

Fact: Statistics show that the use of e-cigarettes among middle high school onwards tripled from 2013- 2015

E-Cigarettes are increasingly popular among minors and there is an increasing trend from 2011 until the present time. This alarmed the health authorities which is why some places banned the sale of this product. However, these teens order online despite the ban.



Why Should You Regularly Visit An Opticians?

Company Overview

The Optic Shop Wales has a fully registered and qualified team of opticians that can provide you with the best professional advice and eye care while using the latest optical technology. The company’s aim is to offer excellent quality of service at the least possible price. It ensures that customers are served with the top level of care and responsibility. It uses the most recent technology in contact lens examination and eye testing and have hired several English and Welsh speaking male and female opticians from whom you can choose the one you want to test you.opticians

Services and Features

The Optic Shop primarily offers four services: eye health examination, one-hour service, total care contact lens scheme, and kids services. You are only allowed an eye examination at intervals advised by your eye care practitioner or if you are experiencing any health issues related to your eyes before you are due or if you have any other eye problems. In Wales, an added specialist service has been arranged in conjunction with the Welsh Assembly Government to offer free eye care for a few selected patients who may be at higher risk of eye disorders, are diagnosed with glaucoma or diabetes, or develop a sudden eye problem.

As the Optic Shop is concerned about its customers’ time, its on-site glazing facilities enable the technicians to process orders instantly and individually with a one-hour service offered in various cases. If you need a more complicated correction, the company will order your lenses from its UK-based lens suppliers. It provides the latest advances in digital technology and coatings, providing patients with the best possible quality of vision. With its expert staff and a fully equipped in-shop laboratory, the Optic Shop offers instant advice, fast frame adjustments, cleaning and minor repairs.

Total Care scheme is available for all of the contact lens patients who are members i.e. they are in the direct debit scheme. Members can get a free two-yearly eye examination and contact lens aftercare examination, and up to two free monthly or five pairs of daily disposable contact lenses every year to replace damaged or lost lenses. They can also avail 20% discount on complete spectacles, while 10% discount on non-prescription glasses.

At the Optic Shop, children are not only treated for free but can also choose from a fantastic collection of fun frames including Peppa Pig, No Fear, and Ben 10. For the smarter teenagers, the company has a vast range of stylish frames. Children under sixteen can qualify for free examinations that are funded by the NHS and are available at repeated intervals as recommended by the opticians Swansea. The free service is extended to all those who are under nineteen as long as they are studying full-time.


The Optic Shop has five high street outlets in South Wales as well as a few additional franchises that support the high quality service and value for money. Its branches are located in Swansea, Carmarthen, Porthcawl, Bridgend and Cross Hands.

Health Benefits Of Double Glazing In The Home

Heat Retention

Winter can be nasty. Frostnip, frostbite, and chilblains are just some of the injuries that one might get if exposed to freezing temperature too much. That said, a double glazed window helps heat, from the heater, from passing through the window easily so you’ll be warmer at home.

Cooler In Summer

Though the cold is bad for you, extreme high temperature isn’t good either. So by insulating layer of double glazing the summer heat won’t be as intense for you and your family.

Control Condensation

You probably got used to cleaning up pools of water within your home when the warm air has cooled. But you no longer have to put up with that if you choose to install double glazing for your windows, since this will improve the insulation between the outside and inside.

Reduce UV Damage

Common window set up can’t block harmful UV rays. On that note, using acrylic sheet from SimplyPlastics in double glazing is great for reducing the amount of UV light that can enter the house which can damage your skin and fade the furniture and carpet. Aside from that it’s also lighter in weight so it’s easier to manage, UV stable and will not yellow for at least 10 years, and provides better sound insulation.

Sound Proofing

If you live near a busy road or in a neighborhood that’s very lively, fitting double glazing for your windows will save your ears, let you sleep better, and keep you sane in the middle of a buzzing city.

Improve Security

Burglars either pick locks or break windows to get into someone’s house, if you had your entry doors fitted with deadbolts for better security, you should fit your windows with double glazing too. It’s harder to break compared to a single glass so there’s a higher possibility that thieves can’t penetrate your home easily.


How to Treat Parkinson – Alternative Medicine

Even though till date none has been able to determine why Parkinson appears, we can do some things in order to prevent it from happening. However, we will give you an introduction on how this disease works and why it’s so destroying, and how to treat it with alternative medicine.

Introduction to Parkinson
Parkinson is a disease which affects a specific chemical: dopamine. When a person has Parkinson then this person is not able to produce dopamine in normal levels. And we need this chemical for our muscles to work without problems. When a person has a deficiency of dopamine, then this person starts to experience problems with muscles and movements, sometimes even equilibrium. There are some people who even can’t talk due to this disease, because as he have seen it affects muscles very much.

And the worst aspect about Parkinson is that it’s degenerative, it just gets worse over time. And if the person doesn’t receive the correct treatment then the effects of Parkinson will just get worse and worse every time. Doctors usually would medicate you with synthetic dopamine, which at the same time carries some other collateral effects which may be the same or even worse than Parkinson’s. That’s why today we are going to give you a different approach for treating this disease, because we know that you fight back with different and alternative techniques which are in many cases better than traditional medicine.

Although there’s a sure way to prevent Parkinson, one of the things you can do in order for this to don’t happen to you is to avoid some contact sports. It’s ok to box every now and then but if you want to dedicate yourself to this sport then you are prone to suffering Parkinson in the long run. And the same applies for other sports like MMA and Muay Thai. There’s no strong evidence yet, but according to some studies the repetitive strikes on head may be a strong source for this disease.

Treating: A Different Approach
Finally if you want to treat this disease with alternative medicine, you will have to buy a specific supplement: Mucuna Pruriens. This plan has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries, because they already knew of the existence of Parkinson, but it was labeled under a different name.

Why is Mucuna Pruriens effective? Because it contains an excellent amount of L-dopa, and dopamine is formed from L-dopa. And the best part is that, in comparison to synthetic dopamine, the one you get from Mucuna Pruriens is completely natural and is not known for having bad collateral effects as the ones you would experience with medicated L-dopa.

So if you want to treat Parkinson with an alternative approach, then you should consider buying some Mucuna Pruriens pills. You can buy them online, just make sure they are coming from a high quality source, because you need Mucuna Pruriens of the highest quality if you want to get the best L-dopa.

Major Personal Injuries Where You Need A Lawyer

When it comes to personal injuries, whether you got the personal injury through accident or another party as well as brought personal injuries to another party, you often need a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can settle disputes, defend lawsuits or smoothens insurance claims. The role of a personal injury lawyer is critical since most cases involve a huge amount of money or heavy responsibility. However, not all personal injuries are worth asking the services of personal injury lawyers. Most minor injuries can either be settled or an apology is enough. Nonetheless, major personal injuries would require a personal injury lawyer most of the time. Here are the major personal injuries where you need the services of a lawyer.personal-injury-lawyer-vancouver-bc

  1. Concussion – Concussion is a dangerous injury. If neglected, it can become fatal. Minor concussion will require a thorough checkup to ensure that it is not serious. On the other hand, severe concussion will require major surgery which means massive medical bills. The hospitalisation bills alone are enough for you to hire a personal injury lawyer in order to minimize if not totally erase this burden.
  2. Amputation – Although most amputation injuries are not life threatening if treated right away, it can affect to the life of the patient. Unless the amputation is in the neck which is fatal. On other amputation cases involving different extremities, it can be a hindrance for the person throughout the lifetime. In these cases, personal injury lawyers can help the victim to claim insurance and compensation from a third party if involved including the loss of future income especially if the person will not be able to practice the profession due to the amputated part.
  3. Hemorrhage – Both internal and external hemorrhage can be fatal if not stopped soon. Internal hemorrhage is even more lethal if not detected. Often times, it will require surgery which means costly medical bills. If this is due to a third party or the insurance company would refuse to cover, a personal injury lawyer can definitely help the client sort out the situation.
  4. Bone fracture – Bone fracture is more serious than dislocation. It involves painful rehabilitation after a surgery and would often make the patient miss several months from the daily activities or work.
  5. Injuries leading to coma or death – There are other injuries which could lead to coma or death. These injuries would certainly need a personal injury lawyer even for settlement.

If you are involved in any of these major personal injuries, it is better to look for a qualified personal injury lawyer right away.